Time zone settings

In order that time differences between regions are accurately reflected on the Linkshell Community, please configure and confirm time zone settings and then click "Go to this page."

*By configuring your time zone settings, you can use the message board and calendar without worrying about regional time differences.
*Your time zone settings are saved on your computer as a cookie. As long as you do not delete this cookie, the time zone settings will be enabled on your computer.

For example:
If someone registers a new event in London (GMT00:00. Summer Time) for
Event date: October 22
Event time: 12:00am,

in Tokyo (GMT+09:00), it will appear as
Event date: October 22
Event time: 8:00am

and in New York (GMT-05:00) as
Event date: October 21
Event time: 7:00pm.

Currently configured time zone

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